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Track Course Planning

From Naviance, track course planning:

  • For individual students from within the student folder.
  • For groups of students using reports.

Student Folder

To review course planning activity for a single student, navigate to the student's folder and select Courses from the student folder options.

  • Select Plans to review any current or draft plans built by the student.
  • Select Student Course Data to review any imported course data.


Use a report to review course requests, student course plan creation, and course plan completion.

All reports are available in both Naviance and Naviance District Edition. District-level reports populate with data for all schools in the district. District-level task completion reports populate with data for district-level tasks. They do not populate with data for school-level tasks.

Navigate to Analytics, select Reports 2.0, and then choose a report.

Report Name


Course Demand Reports An overview of requested courses by school.
Student Course Plan ReportsAn overview of student course plans created per school and plan of study.
Task Completion Report

An overview of success planner task completion by task and by school.

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