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Manage Alumni Records


On July 25, Naviance completes an annual system update or rollover of student data which moves your current seniors to alumni in Naviance.

Depending on how you update student data at your school or district, alumni students at your school and district can continue to use Naviance Student if:

  • Their accounts stay active.
  • Naviance Student settings are enabled for alumni.

Consider the following questions:

  1. Do you want alumni students to log in to Naviance Student?
  2. Do you want alumni student data included in reports, Insights, and Scattergrams?

If you answer yes to either question, keep alumni student accounts active. If you answer no to both questions, make alumni student accounts inactive.

Manage Alumni Data

Manual Data Imports

The July 25 annual student rollover promotes all seniors to Alumni and keeps their accounts active, without your needing to complete a manual student data update. If students that became Alumni were held back, complete a manual student data import to update the year of graduation for these students.


  1. Use a new data import file to update accounts for students who were held back.
  2. Manually import the new file.

    Naviance ignores the option to Make existing records inactive if not in your file when there are no students for a particular grade level in an import file. For example, if you want to keep students from the class of 2021 active as alumni, do not include students from the class of 2021 in your data import file.


  1. Update data for students who were held back using your existing data import file or a new import file.
  2. Manually import the new file.

    School accounts do not have the option to Make existing records inactive if not in your file when importing student data. All student accounts will remain active whether in your import file or not.
    Manually inactivate a student account from the student folder. You cannot inactivate student accounts in bulk from a school-level account.

Automated Imports Using SchoolSync

If you complete automated student data updates using SchoolSync:

  1. Toward the end of the academic year, pause your SchoolSync to Naviance.

    Use your SIS task scheduler to pause and un-pause the sync of your data to Naviance.
  2. After your Student Information System (SIS) rollover occurs, but before you un-pause your SchoolSync, update students who were held back to the correct class or academic year in your SIS.
  3. Un-pause SchoolSync on whichever date is later, your own SIS rollover date or July 25, the Naviance rollover date. After the pause ends and the data begins syncing, there will be no students for the academic year that has just passed.

    Status of alumni students does not change, and they will remain active in Naviance.

Clever Integration for Students

If you have a Clever data integration for students set up, set your start and end pause dates to begin before your SIS rollover and end after July 25. If using both School Sync and Clever, pause nightly SchoolSync files during the same time as the Clever pause.

  • After the July 25 rollover, Naviance ignores all alumni actions in Clever to ensure that alumni accounts are still active after the Clever pause ends.
  • The pause dates that you set for Clever are for all applications, not only Naviance. During this time, Clever does not process data from any applications.
  • If you do not set a data pause in Clever, when Alumni become inactive in your SIS, this information is passed through to Clever and Clever removes those students.
  • Between June 1 and July 25, when Clever passes information on to Naviance, Naviance will not make any 12th-grade students inactive.
  • Review the full details on End of Year practices in Clever.
  • Review information on how Clever handles year-end rollover.

If your SIS updates before the pause date for Clever or School Sync and students' accounts become inactive, import alumni data at your school or district to reactivate alumni accounts.

Naviance Student Access for Alumni

Alumni cannot use Clever or SAML SSO to log in to Naviance Student. Upon becoming Alumni in Naviance, alumni students can log in to Naviance Student natively with a username and password.

  1. From the Naviance Student login page, select Alumni.
  2. Enter the username and password.
  3. Click Continue.

Set Up Native Login Credentials for Alumni

Students need an active email address in their Naviance account to set up and maintain native login credentials. Because many schools and districts do not keep school email addresses active after students become Alumni, students should set up their native login credentials before July 25 or your SIS rollover date, whichever comes first.

Naviance recommends you direct students to set up their native login credentials before graduation.
  1. From the Naviance Student login page, select Student.
  2. Click Forgot your password?
  3. Enter an email address. This must be the same email address as in the student's Naviance folder. Naviance sends an email to that address that includes the student's username and temporary password.
  4. Retrieve the email and follow the instructions to log in to Naviance Student natively with the username and temporary password included in the email.
  5. Follow the prompts to set up a permanent password.

Students can continue to use SAML for SSO access to Naviance Student until they become Alumni but should note their username and password for future reference.

Update Alumni Email Addresses

Alumni need a valid email address on file in their Naviance account to use the Forgot your Password? feature and to receive emails sent via Naviance. As many schools and districts do not keep school email addresses active after students become Alumni, consider asking alumni students to update their email addresses in Naviance Student.

To update their email address, you must give alumni the permission to edit their email address.

When alumni have the permission to edit their email address, they can update their email in Naviance Student.

  1. From Naviance Student, select About Me and then select My Account.
  2. From the Contact card, click Edit.
  3. Enter an email address.
  4. Click Save.
If students do not have an active email address on file in their Naviance account, they cannot maintain their login credentials without help from the school. Naviance recommends giving Alumni the permissions to edit personal and demographic information, username, password, and email address so Alumni students can keep their information current and maintain their login credentials.

Select Naviance Student Features for Alumni

Customize the Naviance Student experience for alumni by updating:

Prepare Alumni Tracker

Starting on July 25, you can send alumni records to the National Student Clearinghouse via Alumni Tracker.

Use eDocs for Alumni

Manage college application materials for Alumni using eDocs. Find previously prepared and submitted documents and forms in the Previous Years section of eDocs in the student folder.

  • The Previous Years section is a rolling, 3-year repository of prepared and submitted forms.
  • Alumni students' forms are no longer available on the Prepare or Send pages of eDocs.
Common App functionality in eDocs is not available from July 25 to August 1 so that Common App can complete updates for the upcoming school year.

Alumni students can apply to colleges as first-year applicants, not transfer applications, using eDocs with Common App Integration. Students applying to Common App schools must create a new Common App account, and complete Common App account matching in Naviance Student. To manage first-time application materials for alumni students, use the Prepare and Send pages in eDocs.

Manage Alumni Parent Accounts

Parent and guardian accounts become inactive when their student's account becomes inactive, if the parent or guardian does not have other active students in the school or district.

If keeping alumni student accounts active and parents and guardians have Naviance Student accounts:

  • You do not need to take action if you want parents and guardians to continue accessing Naviance Student.
  • You must manually freeze parent accounts if you no longer want parents or guardians to log in to Naviance Student.
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