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Track Work-Based Learning

Monitor by Student

To find information about a student's assessments, navigate to a student's folder and select Careers. Review the student's work-based learning activity from Work-Based Learning - 50 Most Recent Student Actions.

Monitor by Organization

Review organization details and the organization's upcoming and past events.

  1. Navigate to Careers, select Work-Based Learning, then click Manage Organizations.
  2. Select an organization name. If using district Work-Based Learning, use Search by School to find organizations added by a specific school.

  3. From Organization Details, review the information.
  4. Select View Events, then choose Upcoming or Past to review event information, including event title, start date, and type.

    Select the event title to display event details.

Monitor by Opportunity

From the opportunity details, monitor opportunity information after publishing the opportunity or update student participation details after the opportunity concludes.

  1. Navigate to Careers, select Work-Based Learning, then click Manage Opportunities.
  2. Review details, such as:
    • The number of students attending or applying
    • The number of students who have favorited the opportunity
  3. Select an opportunity name, then click View Student List, or click View Schools from the district level.
    • In school-level work-based learning, from Students Attending:
      • Select the Completed checkbox to indicate the student has completed the opportunity.
      • Enter the Total Hours the student completed for the opportunity.
    • In school-level work-based learning, choose Students Who Favorited to display the name and email address of students who have favorited the opportunity.
    • In district-level work-based learning, review the number of students who have indicated they will attend or apply and who have favorited the opportunity by the school.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Close to return to the opportunity details page.
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