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Use Reports 2.0

Use Reports 2.0 in Naviance or Naviance District Edition. District-level reports include data from all active schools in the district.

  1. Navigate to Analytics, then select Reports 2.0
  2. Optionally, from the All Reports page, you can:
    • Search for reports, including only Favorites.
    • Favorite reports.
    • Filter or sort reports.
    • Review report descriptions.
  3. Choose a report. By default, the dashboard displays grade 12 data in a chart.
  4. From the dashlets on the Chart page:
    1. Select options from the View by or Sort by lists to update the chart data.
    2. Hover over data bars to display data boxes with more information.
    3. Click the minimize or maximize icons to change the chart size.
    4. Export the chart as a PDF or CSV file.
  5. Click the report's Details button to display data in a list. From the Details page:
    1. Select options from the View by list.
    2. Sort column data.
    3. Select keywords to display more granular data. 
  6. Optionally, from the Chart or Details page:
    1. Review key performance indicators (KPIs).
    2. Filter data by grade and other relevant fields.
    3. Click the corresponding icons to:
      1. Export the page as a PDF or CSV file or print the page.
      2. Bookmark the page to store the filter setting for future access.
      3. Filter the data by counselor, gender, ethnicity, and more.
      4. Reset the dashboard to the default settings.
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