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Report 2.0 descriptions

Use Reports 2.0 in Naviance or Naviance District Edition.

Report nameDescription
Alumni ReportAn overview of college enrollment, progress, and completion status.
Assessment Status ReportAn overview and progress of self-discovery assessments taken by students per school.
Career Interest ReportAn overview of saved career interests, clusters, and pathways by students.
College Applications ReportAn overview of the applications by students and by college.
Course Demand ReportAn overview of requested courses by school.
Curriculum UsageAn outline of the curriculum usage per school and per student when filtered to a specific school.
eDocs Usage ReportAn overview of college eDocs submissions per school.
Outcomes ReportAn overview of post-secondary outcomes by school.
Program Completion ReportAn overview of program completion per school and per program.
Scholarship ReportAn overview of scholarships and the dollar amount awarded to students per school.
Student Course Plan ReportAn overview of student course plans created per school and plan of study.
Task Completion ReportAn overview of success planner task completion by task and by school.
Test Score Summary ReportAn overview of test scores per school.
Usage ReportOverview of the number of student, parent, and staff visits.
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