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Manage Seating Assignments

When you first run the lottery, students are randomly assigned seats based on priority. You can then choose to manually fill open seats, auto-fill open seats, and allow decisions on multiple offers. 

Manage seating assignments on the Seated List / Waitlist page. The page offers an overview of students currently on the Seated List, Waitlist, and, if applicable, the Removed List. It contains various tools to assign students to different lists, send communications, and print reports. Hover the pointer over an action icon to learn its function. The availability of communication and report options depends on feature configuration and record eligibility.

To view seating assignments for a different school or grade level, click the School or Grade button in the page title and select a school or grade. An orange chair icon next to an option indicates available seats that can be filled.

Manually Fill Open Seats

To assign open seats:

  1. In the School Choice workspace Schools section, choose the school or Next Level.
  2. Depending on your setup, you may need to select Next Level again.
  3. Select the Grade link.
  4. On the Seated List / Waitlist page, locate the student on the Waitlist.
  5. Click the Move to Seated List action icon.
  6. To assign multiple seats:
    1. Select the checkbox on each record on the Waitlist.
    2. Click Move Selected to Seated List.

The record initially appears on the Seated List with an Offered status. You have the option to communicate the results to the parents. If a parent accepts the seat online, the status is updated to Accepted. Alternatively, you can manually update the status by clicking the Mark as Accepted icon in the record. 

Auto-fill Open Seats

Your School Choice Workspace can be configured to automatically move students from the Waitlist to the Seated List when a seat becomes available. Regardless of the triggering action, when removing a student’s choice from the Seated List outside of lottery processing, the top student’s choice on the Waitlist is automatically moved to the Seated List.

To enable this feature, contact PowerSchool Enrollment Support.

Allow Decision on Multiple Offers

If a student’s choice is already on a Seated List when another choice for the same student is moved to the Seated List outside of lottery processing, the other choices remain on the seated lists when this feature is enabled.

If multiple choices for a student are on a Seated List when one of the offered choices is accepted, the student’s other choices in seated lists are automatically declined and removed. This allows parents to review and accept a seat regardless of choice preference order.

To enable this feature, contact PowerSchool Enrollment Support. 

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