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PowerSchool Enrollment version is available as of 6/17/2022.


Product AreaDescription
Academic Years 

PowerSchool Enrollment now supports academic year records, in both traditional (YYYY-YYYY) and summer (YYYY) formats. All forms, recommendations, year-round updates, checklists, and admissions decisions are now linked to either a single academic year or no academic year. Custom-defined strings can no longer be used as academic years.

Admin Portal Linked List Changes 

Some of the changes regarding linked lists that were introduced in the release have been reverted, ensuring business processes reliant on the old behavior are still viable. Users can now select any value in the linked list field regardless of the value in the linked field. None of the values in the linked list field are duplicated.

Lottery Result Notification & Decision Response Verbiage Update 

When the School Choice Workspace is configured to ignore lower preference choices when a higher preference choice is offered a seat, this is now communicated to the parents through the Lottery Result Notification & Decision Response feature as “Not Selected” instead of “Not Considered.”

School or District Logo in Parent Portal Links to School or District Website 

If a school or district logo is uploaded to the Parent Portal header bar with a school or district website URL, when the parent selects the logo in the Parent Portal, they are now directed to the school or district website in a new tab or window.

If a school or district logo is not uploaded or a website URL is not defined, selecting the logo in the Parent Portal header bar loads the Parent Portal home page in the same tab or window, per the existing functionality.

Contact PowerSchool Enrollment Support to update your school or district website URL.

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescription

Admin – Account Set to Pending Validation

When a user with the Super Admin role saved the details of an admin account, the account status was automatically set to Pending Validation. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Delivery Files not Retaining Special Characters

Delivery CSV files did not retain special characters, leading to the impression that scheduled import jobs did not support special characters. This issue was resolved. Delivery CSV files are now encoded properly to retain special characters. When these files are used by scheduled import jobs, the special characters are preserved.

Admin – Errors When Navigating in Workspace

Occasionally, when navigating throughout a workspace that had more than 250 communication templates available, users encountered an “Illegal access to loading collection” error and were prevented from navigating further. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Group Administrator Unable to Edit Roles

Collection-level users with the Group Administrator role were unable to assign or remove the Super Admin, Administrator, or Configuration roles from non-collection-level user accounts and received a 403 Forbidden error. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Localization Syntax Shows for Linked Lists

After changing a value in a linked field, when editing the value in a linked list field referencing that linked field, any defined localization syntax for those list items was displayed instead of the English display value. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Localized List Values with Colons are Automatically Removed

List item display values do not support colons. As a result, when a localized display value contained a colon, the entire list item was automatically removed from the configuration. This issue was resolved. Now, the list item is retained, but the user is forced to manually remove the colon.

Admin – Records in School Choice Workspace Unable to be Processed

When an error occurred during the School Choice import process for one student, all subsequent students were not imported correctly. Although a student record was created, no seating unit choices or a log entry record existed. As a result, the student records appeared in the School Choice Workspace but could not be processed. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Recurring Emails not Sending

If the start date of a recurring email configuration was either the current date or in the past and the details of the recurring email template were saved, the scheduled recurring email job was deleted, and the recurring email was no longer sent. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Unable to Change Form Settings

Users with the “May Manage Form Options” extended permission who were not assigned the Configuration role were unable to change the form status or edit the form settings from the Student Data page. This issue was resolved.

Parent – Find Zoned Schools After Address Change

After a parent had already located the student’s zoned schools using School Locator, if the parent then changed their address and immediately attempted to find the student’s zoned schools again using School Locator, the outputs were sometimes not properly set. This issue was resolved.

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