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PowerSchool Enrollment version is available as of 4/8/2022.


Product AreaDescription

eSchoolPlus Gender Identity

PowerSchool Enrollment now integrates with the Gender Identity field in eSchoolPlus (reg_personal.gender_identity). Data from this field can be pre-populated into forms, and PowerSchool Enrollment can write data to this field in eSchoolPlus as part of the standard data delivery workflow.

PowerSchool Enrollment Support must configure integration with this field. This feature requires eSchoolPlus version

Predefined Lists Translations Improvements

The Translations tab is no longer present on the General Configuration page. Instead, a toggle was added to the Predefined Lists tab, allowing you to toggle back and forth between predefined lists and their translations on the same page.

Record Detail Usability Improvements

The Roster and Submission record detail pages and Quick View dialogs were improved to properly align values and fields within a row and correct input fields shifting up or down when entering and exiting Edit mode.

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescription

Admin – Error When Transferring Lottery Results

Occasionally, an error was encountered when transferring lottery results from the School Choice Workspace back to the Submission Workspace. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Error When Using Print Letters Task

When using the Print Letters task in a workspace, a “Not Enough Memory” error occasionally occurred. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Form Access ErrorWhen accessing a preview or live form, the user encountered an error if the syntax for localized list items was not properly formed. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Issues in Pre-Submission Workspace

Filters and the Export task in the Pre-Submission Workspace did not work as expected, resulting in errors. These issues were resolved.

Admin – Student Record Displayed Twice in School Choice Workspace

In the Students view of the School Choice Workspace, when a student was moved from the Removed list to either a Seated List or Waitlist, the student was displayed twice. This issue was resolved.

Admin - Submission Workspace Matching Match Status Column

When the Submission Workspace Matching (SWM) feature was enabled, changes to the SWMMatchStatus column were not reflected in real-time, and the user was forced to refresh the page to see the new value. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Submission Workspace Matching Tags

When the Submission Workspace Matching (SWM) feature was enabled, tags related to matching were not applied to records. This issue was resolved.

Admin – Timeout Errors

Occasionally, school and district staff experienced RedisTimeoutException errors in the Administrator portal. This issue was resolved.

Parent – Multiple Submissions for the Same Roster Record

Occasionally, a parent could submit more than one form via Single Sign-On (SSO) for the same Roster Record when completing multiple forms in different windows within the same browser session. This issue was resolved.

Parent – School Locator Outputs Not Resetting

When a user went through the School Locator process on a form repeatedly (live or preview) and changed input information, occasionally, the output fields did not reset as expected. This issue was resolved.

Parent – Validator Text Showing Incorrectly

When multiple validators shared the same text string within their naming conventions, only the first validator using the text string displayed correctly. This issue was resolved.

Parent – Read-Only Dropdown Fields With Show-If Logic Display Issue

When a parent interacted with a field on the form that triggered the Show-If logic to display a read-only dropdown field, the field was displayed twice — one field was read-only, and the other was editable. This issue was resolved.

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