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Deliver Data


After the student records are verified and approved, the next step is to deliver the data back to your Student Information System. PowerSchool SIS and eSchoolPlus SIS use an API-based data delivery with various delivery options. PowerSchool also offers a file-based integration for other SIS systems. Contact PowerSchool Enrollment Support if you have any questions about your Student Information System. 

API Delivery

The API-based delivery process consists of several steps. You can perform the steps manually or automate the process to run at a scheduled time.

  1. Launch the Data Delivery application.
    1. Select Student Data from the main menu.
    2. Select the form you want to work with.
    3. In the Submission workspace, select the Pending Delivery view.
      • The Pending Delivery view includes all records that were approved but not delivered or that meet the custom view criteria.
    4. From the Tasks menu, choose Deliver Data.
    5. Choose which records to deliver (Selected Only or All Found).
    6. Verify the number of selected records on the Deliver Data Introduction page.
  2. Create the delivery batch.
    1. Click Create Delivery Batch.
    2. After processing completes, click Close.
  3. Review and match records.
    1. During the delivery batch creation, the system runs through numerous data-matching steps.
      • If a record in the batch is matched to a record in your SIS, and if the process finds a difference between the new Enrollment value and the SIS value, the data field on the Review and Edit page is highlighted yellow. 
    2. Click Match to resolve any potential matches (indicated by a yellow orb).
      • Potential matches can occur on various schema types including student, contact, document, etc.
      • Choose the correct match within the match window and click Select to bring over the existing information.
      • Click No Match if the data is not a match. A new record will be created in the SIS.
      • Before you can successfully deliver the data, you must resolve all potential matches. The Match button orb must either be green to indicate a match or gray to indicate no match.
    3. Use the green arrows to override a new Enrollment value with the existing SIS value.
  4. Deliver the records to your SIS.
    1. Click Deliver Record or select Deliver All Records.
    2. If you receive an error message, the record or schema that needs additional verification will be noted. Enter missing information or rectify incorrect values and click Deliver Record again.
  5. Close the delivery batch. A delivery batch must be closed before another batch can be created.
    1. In the Data Delivery Steps section, select Close Delivery Batch.
    2. You can also select Cancel Data Delivery to cancel the delivery and close the batch.

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