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PowerSchool Enrollment version is available as of 3/19/2021.

New Features

DELSIS Integration

PowerSchool Enrollment is integrated with DELSIS (Delaware's statewide student database) through eSchoolPlus SIS as an intermediary.

Both the local eSchoolPlus SIS and DELSIS are queried for potential student matches. When a student is matched to a student in DELSIS, a new student is created in eSchoolPlus SIS with the same Student ID. When a student is not matched, a new student is created in eSchoolPlus SIS with the next appropriate Student ID according to DELSIS, and through the DELSIS nightly syncing process the new student is created in DELSIS.

Requires eSchoolPlus SIS v20.4.19.0+ and requires eSchoolPlus SIS to be linked to DELSIS.

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescription
Admin - Conditional Content Breaks after Saving Changes in Form BuilderWhen form configuration changes are saved through the Form Builder, if a section within the Additional Content tab contains conditional content syntax, the HTML of the syntax is saved in an improper format, preventing the conditional logic from functioning. This issue is now resolved.
Admin - Dropdown Fields Showing Empty Lists in Workspace Quick ViewWhen editing a record in Quick View, dropdown list fields referencing Predefined Lists contain empty lists, preventing the selection of another valid value. This issue is now resolved.
Admin - External Student ID Generation Creates Duplicate IDsIf auto-import is disabled when importing multiple records into a Workspace at once with External Student ID Generation enabled, duplicate ID's are sometimes created. This issue is now resolved.
Admin - Student Protective Checks not Validating Student with eSchoolPlus SISWhen using student protective checks, if there are leading or trailing spaces on the student's first or last name within eSchoolPlus SIS, the values are deemed different and the student record fails to deliver. This issue is now resolved. Leading and trailing spaces are now trimmed as part of the evaluation.
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