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You can create tags in the Tags data configuration to select records in a workspace view based on the presence or absence of a tag.

Apply Tags

Use one of the following tasks to apply a tag to a record:

  • Assign Tags.
  • Re-Apply Tagging Rules.
  • Edit a record and select a tag in the Tags section.

Filter by Tags

  1. Choose Student Data from the main menu.
  2. Select a form to open it.
  3. Choose a workspace.
  4. Select the Tag field down arrow or None value.
  5. In the Find Records… dialog, choose a tag from the Tagged or NOT Tagged column.
  6. To choose another tag:
    1. Select the down arrow or the currently selected tag.
    2. Choose a tag from either column.
  7. To remove a tag:
    1. Select the down arrow or the currently selected tag.
    2. Select Clear Tag.

Standard Workspace Tags

PowerSchool Enrollment generally installs the following standard tags. Contact PowerSchool Enrollment Support if you need custom tags to identify records based on unique criteria within your organization.


Do Not Notify

Used to prevent records assigned this tag from being notified.

Administrative ReviewUsed to let other administrators know that follow-up work must be carried out. In most instances, a record tagged for administrative review should not be approved, so it will not be available for approval until the tag is removed. Submission
PolishedThe Polished tag indicates that a record has been polished by the polish routines set forth by the user. In most cases, the records will be auto-polished (and tagged accordingly) when imported into the workspace.Submission
PrintedThe Printed tag should be used when you have printed the record to keep track of the status of each form. You will have to manually assign records as printed once you print them.Submission
Payment ReceivedThe Payment Received tag is a tag to keep track of the payment status of records. Records can be automatically tagged as Payment Received based on if an online payment method was selected (for example, Credit Card). Additionally, you can manually apply the tag when an offline payment is received (Check), allowing you to track which records received payments.    Submission
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