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PowerSchool Enrollment version is available as of 4/17/2020.

New Features

Vanco Integration

Forms can now be integrated with Vanco payment gateways, providing schools/districts with the ability to collect credit/debit card and electronic check payments from parents through form submissions and deposit them directly into their bank accounts. Payment transactions are communicated with Vanco through a series of secure API calls whereby the parent's payment information never touches PowerSchool Enrollment servers, ensuring a PCI compliant integration. Vanco is a payment processing vendor that works with schools/districts as well as faith-based organizations, non-profits, and professional services.

Self-Service Document Field Configuration

District administrative users can now add and edit Hidden File Upload fields within the Form Builder to be used as admin-only document upload fields. Document Titles can be assigned to File Upload and Hidden File Upload fields within the Form Builder. Publishing the form automatically configures every aspect of document upload fields such that they are immediately accessible by school staff within workspaces (assuming they have the requisite permissions).


Parent - Mobile-Responsive Family Portal Enabled for all Schools/DistrictsThe mobile-responsive version of the family portal is now enabled and enforced for all schools/districts.

Resolved Issues

Admin - School Choice Multiple Rounds TransferWhen using Multiple Round Transfer‚ if the lottery result transfer fields are not configured correctly, the error message that displays is unhelpful at diagnosing the issue. This issue is now resolved.
Admin - Specialty Programs DuplicatesWhen using the Specialty Programs feature, duplicate submission records are occasionally created. This issue is now resolved.
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