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PowerSchool Enrollment version is available as of 10/15/2021.

Resolved Issues

Product AreaDescription

Admin - Accepting Seat Results in Removal of Choice

When “Allow Decision on Multiple Offers” was enabled and the seating unit had multiple waitlists for a single seated list, when a seat was accepted, that choice was moved to the Removed List. This issue is resolved.

Admin - Error Retrieving Uploaded Documents

When a file upload field’s name began with “eval,” when the user attempted to retrieve the documents stored in the field from the Submission record detail, an error displayed saying the documents were irretrievable. This issue was resolved.

Admin - Health Concern Delivery Options Not Functioning as Expected

When delivering Health Concern data to PowerSchool SIS, if “Set ‘Show Concern in Alert’ to False” or “Set ‘Show Comment in Alert’ to False” were enabled, the fields were not set to False, and an error indicated that the fields were required. This issue has been resolved.

Admin - 'Index out of range' Error Viewing Seated List and Waitlist

When a submission record that was imported into the School Choice Workspace was deleted or re-imported in the Submission Workspace, an ‘Index out of range’ error was displayed when viewing the Seated List or Waitlist containing the record. Now, users are no longer able to delete or re-import submissions in the Submission Workspace if they were imported into the School Choice Workspace.

Admin - ShowIf Logic in Print Templates

When generating default or semi-automatic print templates from the Admin Portal, ShowIf logic referencing list-based fields with a display value different than the stored value was always evaluated as false, resulting in the content missing in the generated PDF. This issue has been resolved.

Admin - Workspace Search Fields Inconsistent

Searching for records using the search inputs above some columns within workspaces sometimes did not return the expected results. This issue was resolved.

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