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PowerSchool Enrollment version is available as of 03/22/2024.


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Appointment Token

A new token, is*Appointment:TITLEHERE*is, is supported on the Submission Confirmation page and Submission Confirmation Popup content within a form. Given TITLEHERE within the token is replaced by a unique and valid event title, the token renders as a link with the event title as the link text. Selecting this link will take the parent directly to the referenced event in the same tab or window. If the token is used within a Restricted or Private form, the student associated with the form submission is assumed and the parent bypasses the student selection page for the event.

SubmissionFamilyID Property

A new property, SubmissionFamilyID, is available in the Submission and School Choice Workspaces which contains the user account ID of the parent account responsible for submitting the form. This property is available to be referenced within views and rules, and is available for export. This property will not contain any data for preexisting submissions.

Parent Account Activity

Parent account detail pages and their child pages (for example: in-progress form detail pages, form submission detail pages) will display additional information regarding any form submission updates and the parent account responsible for starting, submitting, and updating forms.

Multiple Births Assigned the Same Random Number

As part of lottery processing, multiple births' (like twins, triplets) choices entered on the same application submission are assigned the same random numbers. Given Enrollment Cap Parameters is used, if a subset of a set of multiple births is not seated before the enrollment cap is reached, the choices for this subset will still have their random numbers regenerated, and those regenerated random numbers will be the same for that subset of choices.

Streamlined PowerSchool SIS Restricted Form Parent SSO Workflow

When a parent accesses a Restricted form from within PowerSchool SIS, the selected student in PowerSchool SIS is assumed and the parent bypasses the student selection page for the form.

Resolved Issues

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Admin and Parent - Inaccessible Forms

Gaps in sequence index values for School Choice seating units caused by configuration changes resulted in the form not being accessible within the Admin Portal and Family Portal. This issue has been resolved.

Admin and Parent - Form Cache Locks

Publishing a form, opening and closing a form, and accessing a closed form resulted in exceptions due to locks on form caches. This issue has been resolved. Cached forms are now invalidated by updating the date/time stamp on the existing cache files as opposed to updating the content of the files themselves. If or when exceptions are encountered, a retry is executed. Accessing a closed form no longer updates the form cache file.

Admin - Inability to Manually Match One-To-Many Manual PowerSchool SIS Schemas

If a One-To-Many Manual PowerSchool SIS schema had a match status of potential matches as a result of batch creation as part of a data delivery workflow, when a match was manually selected within the match window, the match was not executed, and the match status of the schema did not change. This issue has been resolved.

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