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System Requirements

Browser Support

PowerSchool Enrollment supports the following browsers for the Admin Portal, the Family Portal, and the schoolrecs Portal. Older browser and operating system combinations may continue to operate properly, but are no longer supported.

Both cookies and local storage must be enabled in order to authenticate into the product and to perform certain functions.

PlatformOperating SystemBrowser
ChromeOSLatest two versionsChrome - latest two versions
macOSVentura, Sonoma
  • Safari - latest two versions
  • Chrome - latest two versions
Windows8.1, 10, 11
  • Edge - latest two versions
  • Chrome - latest two versions
Android*13.x, 14.xChrome
iOS*iOS 16, iOS 17Safari
JAWS Screen Reader*Windows 11
  • Edge - latest version
  • Chrome - latest version
VoiceOver Screen Reader*macOS SonomaSafari - latest version

An asterisk (*) indicates the platform is only supported by the mobile-responsive Family Portal.

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