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Registration version is available as of 2/22/2019.

New Feature

Registration Admin - Option to Return "No Zoned School" for Overlapping AddressesWhen using School Locator to assign a student's school based on their address, a student's address can overlap several schools. The Multiple Zoned Schools Enabled configuration option allows a family the option select one of their zoned schools; however, if the school district wants to determine the zoned school for the student, a new configuration option, "Return "No Zoned School" for Multiple-School Result", allows the district the opportunity to make a manual decision on which school the student should attend.

Resolved Issue

Registration Admin - Potential Matches with PowerQueriesWhen the PowerQueries setting on the Delivery Target page is enabled, batch creation and matching performance is dramatically improved; however, the Match window does not display any potential matches when this setting is enabled. This issue is now resolved. 
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