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Review and Update a Record

After you select records in the Roster or Submission workspace, you can review and update a record by clicking the Edit icon.

Update Record Data

To update an individual field value on a record:

  1. Select the Value or New Value field to make the field editable.
  2. Update the information as needed.
  3. Click Save (disk) or click the pointer outside the field.
    1. The row with the changed value is marked yellow.
    2. Click the Show Change History icon on the row to view the recorded changes.

To update multiple field values on a record:

  1. Click the Edit All icon in the header row to make all fields editable.
  2. Update the information as needed.
  3. Click Save All.
    1. Rows with changed values are marked yellow.
    2. Click the Show Change History icon on a row to view the recorded changes.

Add Tags

The Tags section provides an easy way to manage tags for a single record. Select a checkbox to assign the tag to the record.

Perform Tasks

The Tasks section lists the tasks you can perform on the record.

When you select Polish Data to apply the polish rules to the record, the record is automatically tagged as Polished.


If more than one language is enabled and chosen for the form, it is listed here.

Validate Notifications

The Email and Letter Notification Validation sections inform you if the record is valid for email and letter notifications.

  • A green checkmark indicates that the record does comply. 
  • A yellow triangle indicates that the record does not comply with validation rules. The system lists the missing items. Update the record information as needed, then click Re-Validate to reassess the validation check.

Approve a Record

See Approve or Reject Student Records for details.

Review History

Submission History

This section shows the date and time of the submission as well as the name on the parent account responsible for the submission. If the form was not submitted within an account, the parent's name is not shown. If the administrative user has the Family Account Management role, the parent's name is shown as a link that takes the user to the parent’s account page.

Delivery History

This section informs you if and when a record was delivered.

Email and Letter History

Review information regarding the history of email and letter communications sent for the record. The information includes which templates were used when communications were sent, who sent them, and who they were sent to. This is useful for tracking your communication with families.

Notes History

Use the Notes History section to review notes attached to the record.

Manage Notes

A convenient way to keep track of information about a record is by adding a note.

Select Add/Edit Notes to add or edit a note. Other users will see this information when reviewing the record. Notes are not visible to parents.

Manage Documents

This section displays documents that were uploaded to the record.

Select the document link to download and review the document. Note that the following file types will be opened directly in your browser in a new tab or window, instead of being automatically downloaded: BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG, PDF, and PNG. The file can then be downloaded using your browser's standard download functions. Select Delete to remove the document.

To add a document:

  1. Select the Upload Document link. 
  2. Choose a document type.
    1. Available options depend on the number of File Upload elements on the form.
    2. The document type name is the Document Title of the element.
  3. Click Choose File.
  4. Locate the file and click Open.
  5. Click Upload.

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