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PowerSchool Enrollment version is available as of 10/16/2020.


Parent - Add Students within User AccountParents can add new students to their PowerSchool Enrollment account from the Students sub-page within their user account. Previously, this function was only available when in the process of starting a new form.
Parent - Image Upload and File Upload BehaviorThe file upload window for Image Upload fields within a form now behaves like the file upload window for File Upload fields.

Resolved Issues

Admin - Scheduled Job and Background Job Statuses Not UpdatingIf an error is encountered saving a scheduled job's status, the scheduled job's status and sometimes other background jobs' statuses are not updated due to a deadlock. This issue is now resolved.
Admin - Submission Workspace Matching Stuck Finding MatchesWhen the scheduling service encounters an issue, the Submission Workspace Matching feature gets stuck for each record locating matches. This issue is now resolved. The Submission Workspace Matching feature now uses a background job instead of an on-demand scheduled job.
Parent - File Size and Type Validation Messages are not Displayed until File is UploadedWhen a parent selects a file exceeding the file size limitation or of an unsupported file type to either a File Upload or Image Upload field, the relevant validation message is not displayed until after the parent has uploaded the file. This issue is now resolved. The relevant validation message is displayed immediately after selecting the invalid file.
Parent - On Hold Message Displayed in Old Family Portal UIWhen a parent attempts to access a student's form related to a roster record that is On Hold in the Roster Workspace, the On Hold content is displayed in the old Family Portal UI. This issue is now resolved.
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