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PowerSchool Enrollment version is available as of 2/14/2020.

New Features

Productized OCT CalculationPowerSchool Enrollment can calculate and set the Original Contact Type (OCT) values for the relationship records that link students and contacts at the time of delivery as part of the productized integration with PowerSchool SIS v12+. These OCT values can now be calculated and set through Year-Round Update (YRU) submissions.


Admin - Similar and Exact Match Tagging RulesThe Duplicate tagging rule in the Roster and Submission Workspaces can now be toggled between Exact Match and Similar Match. This gives you the ability to choose between looking for exact matches in data between students or similar matches in data between students.

Resolved Issues

Admin - Downloading Multiple Forms with SchoolRecs When downloading forms that include Schoolrecs forms, results in an error. This issue is now resolved.
Admin - Importing Submissions into Submission WorkspaceOccasionally, data from student submissions is being cleared on import to the Submission Workspace. This issue is now resolved.
Admin - Special Characters in Form BuilderWhen the characters §, ¥, ₱, ฿, @, and # are entered on a form using the Form Builder tools, the characters are displayed as HTML within the form. This issue is now resolved. 
Parent - Completing a Form with Special Characters in a Page TitleWhen a page on a form has special characters in its title and that page has Show-If logic applied, the family completing the form is presented with an error when interacting with the field that controls the form's Show If logic. This issue is now resolved.
Parent - Reply-to Email Address The Reply-to email address is not appearing in emails sent to families, regardless of whether one is configured. This issue is now resolved.
Recommender - Creating a New AccountWhen a recommender creates a new account in order to fill out a recommendation they are directed to the Recommendation/Transcript center, which does not contain their recently accepted recommendation request. The recommender then must go back to the original recommendation request and accept it again so that they may begin work. This issue is now resolved.
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