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Preview a Form

Use Preview Mode to review and test your form to ensure it is accurate, technically sound, and compatible with your business processes.

Launch Preview Mode

You can open a form in Preview Mode from different locations. 

  1. From the Student Data page:
    1. From the main menu, select Student Data.
    2. Click More (…) on a form record.
    3. Choose Preview
  2. From the Roster workspace:
    1. From the main menu, select Student Data.
    2. Select the form you want to preview.
    3. Click the Preview icon on an Imported/Added record.
  3. From the Form Builder landing page:
    1. From the main menu, select Configuration, then Form Builder.
    2. Click More (…) on a form record.
    3. Click Preview
  4. From within Form Builder:
    1. From the main menu, select Configuration, then Form Builder.
    2. Select the form you want to preview.
    3. Click Preview.

If validation issues are encountered, the Resolve Form Errors page is displayed. Resolve the issues, then relaunch Preview Mode. 

Review Your Form

Use the various elements in Preview Mode to review your form. 

Preview ModeThis indicates you are viewing the form in Preview Mode, as opposed to the Live Mode. No data will be saved.
  1. Click Setting (
  2. Click the Field Names toggle to view the actual field name next to a label. 
  3. Click Field Attributes Download to download the field settings to a CSV file.

Click Refresh (

) periodically to ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date version of the form. This will refresh the preview with the latest changes that you’ve made within the form builder.

Form NameThe name of the form as it appears for parents.
Left Pane

Use the links to a specific page of the form. This feature is not available for Public forms.

IntroductionIntroductory page as it appears for parents.

The Form section contains the pages of the form as it appears for parents.

  • Greyed-out fields indicate read-only fields.
  • Dotted fields indicate hidden fields.
  • Click the Tooltip icon (blue circle with an "i") next to a field to read the internal-only notes about that field.

Summary page as it appears for parents. Select a page or click Find Invalid Fields to find any missing or incorrect information.


Payment page as it appears for parents. This page is shown only if fees have been configured within the form. No payments are actually processed in Preview Mode, only in the live version.

PreviousNavigate to the previous page.
NextNavigate to the next page.

Click Submit to submit the form and arrive at the Submission Confirmation page. No data is actually submitted in Preview Mode.

Submission Confirmation

Submission Confirmation page as it appears for parents. Links to start another form are not functional in Preview Mode but will be in the live version.


Take multiple passes of the form from start to finish.

For your first pass:

  • Inspect the required fields, as noted by the Required indicator.
  • Make sure all fields that must be collected are displayed on the form and appear as Required.

For your second pass:

  • Look more closely at language and content.
  • Is the content free of typos?
  • Does it make sense for your families?
  • Does it accurately represent your school or district?
  • Are hyperlinks current and working, and do they open in a new tab?

For your third pass:

  • Does any content need to be removed or altered?
  • Does any content need to be added?
  • Do form fields and groups of form fields reflect how you will be collecting data in your database?
  • Make a list of form fields that do not exist in your database, and consider creating matching database fields.
  • Review your form with stakeholders.

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