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Naviance Student Overview

Naviance Student Overview for Students.pdf

Naviance Student Overview for Parents and Guardians.pdf


Naviance Student includes self-discovery assessments, college and career searches, planning tools, a resume builder, and more. Using these tools, answer questions about your future, such as:

  • Who am I?

  • What do I want to be?

  • How will I get there?

  • How will I succeed?

Naviance Student Navigation

The navigation menu includes access to Naviance Student sections and features.

Menu Features

  • Click the heart icon to display your favorite lists. 

  • Click the email icon to display email messages sent to you by your school. 

  • Click the question mark icon to display the Naviance Student Help Center. 

  • Click About Me to access About Me features such as your resume and surveys. 

  • Click the globe icon to translate Naviance Student into over 70 languages. 

  • Click Log Out to end your session. 

Naviance Student Sections 

The following sections are available in Naviance Student from the main menu based on your school’s setup.  Select a section and choose a feature or navigate to the section Home, if available.




Review your Future Planning, information from your school, upcoming to-dos and tasks, and more. 


Find assessments to take and review your assessment results to learn more about yourself and your potential career interests.  


Review your school’s course catalog, create course plans, and manage existing course plans.  


Explore careers, job opportunities, military branches, and work-based learning opportunities. Access the Roadtrip Nation video archive to learn how leaders have turned their passions into their life work, and review your list of your favorite careers, clusters, and pathways.  


Search for and discover college possibilities.


Review your goals, to-dos, and tasks assigned by the school.  Access Curriculum, Test Prep, Student Readiness Indicators, and X2VOL, if available at your school.

Home Features



Future Planning 

Select your path for the future to customize your homepage experience. 

Path Highlights 

Quickly access the features and information relevant for your path after high school.  

Career Essentials 

Reference information about your future career goals to help you plan for your future. 

Information from Your School 

Review a message, web links, informational pages, and new bulletins from your school. 

Tasks from Your School 

Review upcoming tasks and to-dos to complete, including the priority and due date. 

What’s New 

Find out what has happened since your last visit, including new college visits, journal entries shared by your school, and comments on course plans, tasks, or goals. 

Self-Discovery Features

Review the Self-Discovery page for more information about these features.

The assessments available in the Self-Discovery section vary based on your grade level and school.  



AchieveWorks Intelligences® 

Uncover your different intelligences and learn how to apply them. 

AchieveWorks Learning and Productivity® 

Identify your sensory and mindset preferences to help you develop study practices. Find out how you learn the best and are most productive. 

AchieveWorks Personality® 

Identify your personality type by choosing scenarios that best represent your real-life behave. 

AchieveWorks Skills® 

Identify your skills and learn ways to develop them and other career skills. 

Career Cluster Finder 

Identify activities and school subjects that you like or dislike and personal qualities you possess. 

Career Key 

Identify your traits, best-match work environments, and related careers by answering questions about your interests. 

Career Interest Profiler 

Captures your interests to help identify your personality traits and suggests careers based on the US Department of Labor's data. 


Uncover your talents and potential strengths.  

Courses Features 

Review the Course Planning page for more information about these features.

The Courses section is only available if your school uses this feature. The Courses section does not have a Home page. 



Favorite Courses  

Review and manage your favorite courses. 

Explore Course Catalog 

Review colleges that other students who have favorited the same schools as you are interested in. Review colleges that have accepted students with a GPA and test scores like yours.  

Manage Course Plans 

Find and sign up for events that colleges are hosting. 

Career Features 

Review the Career Planning page for more information about these features.

The Careers section does not have a Home page. 

Career Exploration 



Favorite Careers and Clusters 

Review and manage careers, clusters, and pathways that you have favorited. Find Naviance suggested clusters and pathways. 

Explore Careers 

Search for careers and review information such as an overview, skills and experience, and wages. 

Explore Clusters and Pathways 

Search for clusters and pathways and review information such as the employment outlook, related occupations, and related majors. 

Military Exploration 



Favorite Military Branches

Review and manage military branches that you have added to your favorites list.

Explore Military Branches

Access information for the six US military branches. 

Experiential Exploration 



Explore Roadtrip Nation Videos 

Access over 10,000 video interviews that chronicle the diverse personal stories of leaders who have turned their interests into their life’s work. 

Work-Based Learning 

Find events and opportunities posted by your school.  

Search Job Opportunities

Find job opportunities shared by companies.

 Colleges Features 

Review the College Planning page for more information about these features.

Find Your Fit  



SuperMatch™ College Search 

Find best-fit colleges according to criteria that are important to you.  

College Match 

Review colleges that other students who favorited the same schools as you are interested in.  Also, review colleges that have accepted students with a GPA and test scores like yours.  

College Events 

Find and sign up for events that colleges are hosting. 


Analyze how you compare to other students from your high school who have been accepted or denied admittance to a college based on GPA and test scores. Data is presented in a graph. 

Advanced College Search 

Search for colleges that match your interests and then save the search for future reference.  

College Lookup 

Search for a college using filters such as name, country, state, or college group. Click the heart icon to favorite a college.  

Research Colleges 



Colleges I’m Thinking About 

Build and maintain a list of colleges that you are interested in. 

College Compare 

Compare the average GPA and test scores of students from your high school that were accepted to colleges on your Colleges I’m Thinking About list. 

College Resources 

Review external web resources that may be helpful to your college search process.   

Acceptance History 

Review a list of colleges and the number of students from your school who were accepted and enrolled.  

College Maps 

Display an interactive map of schools by selecting from a list of pre-defined criteria, such as colleges from your Colleges I’m Thinking About list. 

Enrichment Programs 

Find enrichment programs shared by your school. 

Apply to Colleges  



Colleges I’m Applying To 

Build and maintain a list of colleges that you are applying to. 

Letters of Recommendation 

Request and track teacher letters of recommendation.  

Manage Transcripts 

Add and review transcript requests and display associated fees.  

Test Scores 

Review your test scores, including SATs. Depending on your school, enter your test scores.   

Scholarships and Money  



Scholarships I’m Applying To 

Build and maintain a list of scholarships that you are applying for.  

Scholarship List 

Find potentially relevant scholarships to review and add to your applications list.  

Scholarship Match 

Review scholarships that may be a suitable match for you based on requirements such as gender, ethnicity, and GPA. 

National Scholarship Search 

Access an external site hosted by Sallie Mae and search for scholarship matches based on personal criteria that you provide. 

College Visits  

Review and register for college visits scheduled at your school.    

Planner Features 

Review the My Planner page for more information about these features.



Tasks Assigned to Me 

Review activities assigned by your school or district, organized by overdue, completed, and to complete. Tasks details include a due date, priority level, and link to complete the activity. 


Create goals for yourself and keep track of your progress in achieving them. 


Add and manage action items to complete. 

Calendar View 

Use the calendar feature to display upcoming due dates for to-dos and tasks in a calendar. 

Student Readiness Indicators

Review your progress meeting state graduation requirements, if available at your school. 


Access the Naviance College, Career, and Life Readiness Curriculum, if available at your school. 

Test Prep 

Access SAT, ACT, or AP Test Prep lessons, if available at your school. 

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