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Naviance College, Career, and Life Readiness Curriculum

Naviance Curriculum Quick Guide.pdf


To access Naviance Curriculum lessons, select Planner and then select Curriculum. Your Current Lessons page displays the lessons your school or district assigned to you.

From Your Current Lessons:

  • Review your overall progress in completing your assigned lessons.

  • Filter lessons by theme.

  • Display results of completed lessons.

  • Review or edit lessons.

  • Note lessons with a video icon.

  • Note the theme icon included on each lesson tile.

  • Select Past Lessons from Lesson Progress to display lessons completed in previous years.

Parents and guardians with Naviance Student accounts can review the content of their student's assigned Curriculum lessons. Parents and guardians cannot review or edit their student's completed lessons.

Complete a Curriculum Lesson

  1. Select Planner and then choose Curriculum.

  2. Optionally, from the Curriculum homepage, use the filters to find a particular lesson by theme.

  3. From the lesson tile, click Get Started.

  4. Review the information and follow the instructions.

  5. Click the arrow to advance through each page of the lesson.

  6. Create an action item. Enter the Action Item description, select a priority level and due date, and then click Next.

    • Navigate to My Planner and select To-Dos to display or edit the action items created in Curriculum lessons.

  7. Optionally:

    1. Review the progress bar.

    2. Return to a previous page in the lesson.

  8. Click Turn In My Work.

You must click Turn In My Work to save your progress. Otherwise, your lesson progress is not saved.

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