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Future Planning

Use Future Planning to:

  • Select the plan that will put you on track for success in your future career goals.

  • Review and complete Path Tasks to prepare for your selected paths.

  • Review your Career Goals, which include the first three careers alphabetically from your Favorite Careers and Clusters list.

  • Customize the Naviance Student homepage with information relevant to your selected paths.

  • Review Career Essentials, including the skills and knowledge sets needed for careers of interest and more.

Select a future path and customize the homepage

  1. From the Naviance Student homepage, select Choose Path.

  2. Choose a future path and click Select Path or Edit Path.

Clear your web browser's cache if you cannot select a plan.

Select a secondary path

After selecting a primary path, you can choose a secondary path for your future.

  1. From the Naviance Student homepage, select Edit Path.

  2. Click Add Secondary Path.

  3. From Secondary, choose an option and click Select Path.

Path features



College: Associate's Degree

College: Bachelor's Degree

  • Colleges I’m Applying to

  • Colleges I’m Thinking About

  • Favorite Scholarships

Career Education or Trade School

Apprenticeship Program


  • Self-Discovery results

  • Roadtrip Nation

Military Service

  • ASVAB Scores

  • Military Resources


Gap Year or Service Year

  • Self-Discovery results

Complete Path Tasks

Path Tasks are automatically assigned to you according to your grade level and selected path.

  1. From What’s Next in the Future Planning section of the homepage, review the Path Task description.

  2. If available, click the relevant button to begin the Path Task.

  • What’s Next on the Naviance Student homepage displays the final Path Task for each grade level until the Naviance student roll-over in July.

  • My Planner does not display Path Task information.

  • Review the Path Task Details page for more information on completion triggers and due dates.

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