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Military Exploration

Explore and create a list of Favorite Military Branches directly from Naviance Student.

Explore Military Branches

To access information about military branches and favorite branches of interest, select Careers and choose Explore Military Branches from Military Exploration.

  • Click on the branch name to open the official branch website.

  • Click Favorite to add the branch to your list of Favorite Military Branches.

  • Click Favorited to remove the branch from your list of favorites.

Alternatively, access branch information from Military Resources on the Home page if you select Military as your future plan.

You can also add military branches to your favorites list from:

  • The Related Military Careers section in a Career Profile

  • The Home page when the Military is selected as the future plan.

Favorite Military Branches

  1. To display all favorited military branches, select Careers and choose Favorite Military Branches from Military Exploration.

  2. Optionally, click Remove from Favorites to remove the branch from your list.

Related Military Careers

Review Related Military Careers from the Overview section of a related career profile.

  1. Select Careers and choose Explore Careers from Career Exploration.

  2. Click Filter.

  3. Expand Related Military Careers and select the branches of interest.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Select a career to display the profile.

  6. From the Overview section of the profile, expand a Related Military Career to:

    • Display the branch of service.

    • Access the branch website.

    • Click the heart icon to add or remove the branch from your favorites list.

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