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Naviance for Elementary overview

Naviance for Elementary is a career education platform that helps students in grades K - 5 broaden their understanding of the opportunities that exist for them as they progress through their academic journey.

Students can:

  • Play Up the Ladder. Using this gamified career exploration tool, students to explore career options based on their interests, take age-appropriate assessments, and experience various exciting careers.

  • Earn badges. Receive positive feedback and encouragement as they explore future career options.

  • Access blended learning lessons. Complete Naviance College, Career, and Life Readiness (CCLR) Curriculum blended learning lessons to help students connect learning to life.

To set up Naviance for Elementary, import users. Optionally, create groups and assign lessons to Explorers.

Educator modes

Naviance for Elementary provides two modes to help you get the most out of your educator account.

  • Explorer mode, where you can experience Naviance for Elementary as a student or explorer.

  • Navigator mode, where you can set up Naviance for Elementary, review student progress dashboards, and access other staff or navigator features.

From your Navigator Dashboard, set the slider to Explorer Mode. From your Explorer Dashboard, select Switch to Navigator View.

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