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Data Fields for Import

Staff and student data

The following data fields can be imported to create staff and student user accounts. Ensure that all required fields are included in your import files.

Data field




The name the user will enter to sign in. Usernames must be at least 4 characters long and unique among all users in the system. Usernames can be alpha-numeric and are not case-sensitive.

Naviance Elementary recommends using an email address or another guaranteed unique value if available. Alternatively, you can add a prefix to each name, such as your school name followed by an underscore, so the value is more likely to be globally unique.

This field is required.


The password with which a user will sign in. Passwords must be six characters, can be alpha-numeric, and are case-sensitive.

If you do not include a password for users not logging in with single-sign-on (SSO), you must choose the option to generate a password after uploading your file and then distribute it to your users.

This field is recommended for users not logging in with SSO.

Email Address

The user's email address.

If you are not using SSO and do not import an email address, the user cannot verify their account ownership and reset a lost password.

This field is recommended.

First Name

The user's first name.

This field is recommended.

Last Name

The user's last name.

This field is recommended.


The primary school the user attends. This should be either:

  • The ID assigned to the school by the National Center For Education Statistics (NCES)

  • The state-assigned ID for this school

  • The full name of the school as it is defined in the filter list for managing users

Any values that do not match will result in an error.

This field is recommended when importing users for multiple schools in a district. Otherwise, it is optional.

Graduation Year

The 4-digit year that the user will graduate if they are currently in school. If a graduation year is not available, import grade level. The system will automatically convert the grade level to the graduation year. The following are examples of the accepted formats:

  • 2028, 2029, 2030

  • 0, 1, 2, 3

  • K, KG, Kindergarten

  • 1st, first, 2nd grade, second grade

This field is optional.

Access Type

Can be:

  • Administrator

  • School Administrator

  • Manager

If the field is blank, the user will be created without special privileges.

This field is optional. The user will not have any special privileges if you do not include data in this field.

Group data

Data field




The name the user enters to sign in.  

The user must have an account before they can be assigned to a group.

This field is required.

Owner Name

The name of the person who manages the user. This user must already have an active account with manager or administrative permissions assigned.

This field is optional.

Group Name

The name of the group that the user should be assigned to.

You should assign at least one Group Name and Owner Name. If you assign an Owner Name without a Group Name, the system will assign the user to the owner's default group, which will be created if necessary.

This field is optional.

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