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View and Add Meeting Attendance

View Meeting Attendance

Using the Meeting tab on the Attendance Data Grid, you can quickly and easily view meeting attendance information for a selected school for the current or selected day.

If accessed at the district level, only the reports content appears. To access the Meeting tab, you must be in a school view.

  1. Navigate to the Meeting Attendance page.
  2. To view information for a different date, click the Calendar icon and select a date.

  3. Review the Student Counts for each attendance code. By default, students with absences appear on the first tile. Click the tile to remove the filter and view all attendance codes in the grid. 

  4. Click any attendance code to filter the student results.

  5. Review Submitted for the percentage of teachers that have submitted attendance up to that point. Indicate which sections you want to include in the percentage by toggling between All Sections and ADA Sections (sections that count towards Average Daily Attendance).
  6. Click the Information icon to view a list of teachers who have not submitted attendance for their section meetings. For more information, refer to Teacher Attendance Submission Status.

Add or Update Meeting Attendance

When adding or updating Meeting Attendance, you can search for a student by name or student number, enter attendance for that student, and set the drawer to keep open as you search and enter attendance for additional students. The Attendance Data Grid and student count tiles are updated immediately upon saving and closing the drawer.

Adding or updating Meeting Attendance using the Attendance Data Grid is recommended when adding or updating attendance for multiple students. Refer to Meeting/ Interval Attendance to learn more about entering or updating meeting attendance for an individual student. 

  1. On the Meeting tab, click Add.
  2. Search for a student by name or student number or scan a barcode of a student number.
  3. Choose the attendance code.
  4. Select Print Admit Slip for Today to generate an admit slip to authorize the student to proceed to class.
  5. Click Set All on the date header to set that attendance code for all periods of that day. Alternatively, you can select different attendance codes for each period if needed.

  6. Click Comments to add Attendance Comments for each entry.
  7. Select Keep Open before saving to keep the drawer open and enter attendance for additional students.

  8. Click Save.

Additional Options

  • Select a student name to view their Meeting Attendance.

  • Choose Edit to edit attendance for that student.
  • Select the home phone to view contacts associated with the studentContact Info appears if a phone number has not been entered.

  • Click the attendance code to view comments. 
  • Make the filtered list of students your current student selection by selecting the checkbox in the header row for all students or the checkbox for individual students. Then click Set Current Selection.

  • Download the attendance information as CSV, XLSX, or PDF.

When downloading the attendance records, consider the following:

  • The PDF format is restricted to a maximum of 1000 records.
  • Using the CSV format to download data containing right-to-left Unicode characters may result in incorrect data ordering. In which case, you can reconfigure your system, use a client, such as Google Sheets, or download the data in XLSX format.
  • If you have localized your version of PowerSchool, you must have the required character set installed to export in your specified language.
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