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Teacher Attendance Submission Status

Find out which teachers have taken attendance using Teacher Attendance Submission Status.

This procedure may only be performed at the school level.

When viewing Teacher Attendance Submission Status for the current date, the classes shown only include classes that have ended or are in progress based on the bell schedule.

View Teacher Attendance Submission Status

  1. Navigate to the Teacher Attendance Submission Status page. 

  2. Enter the date for which you want to view attendance using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy or click the Calendar to select a date.

  3. Toggle Show Sections Exclusions from Attendance to Yes to display both sections that are and are not included in ADA calculations.

  4. Choose an Order By preference.

  5. Select a Show option.

  6. Click Submit.

To view class information, click the teacher's name. 

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