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Clever Staff Integration

Using Clever, you can automate the secure transfer of staff rosters to Naviance, allowing data to be updated continuously from one data feed and supplying single sign-on access for staff. After enabling Clever for Naviance, set up the staff integration in Naviance.

Staff Integration Prerequisites

To integrate Clever with Naviance, you must have an active:

  • Clever account
    • If your district is new to Clever, sign up for a Clever account.
  • Naviance for Districts subscription
    • Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Education Impact Consultant (EIC) to learn more about getting a Naviance for Districts subscription.

If you already use Clever in your school district:

  1. Request the Naviance application from your Clever dashboard. Naviance recommends setting your data-sharing permissions in Clever to streamline the process.
  2. Naviance staff will receive an email requesting activation, then confirm the request with your district.
  3. Naviance staff will enable the Clever application in Naviance and set your launch date for four weeks from that date.
  4. The data is shared with Naviance, and you can set up the integration in Naviance.
If you do not complete the integration setup in Naviance by your launch date, contact Naviance Support to extend the date. Conversely, contact Naviance Support if you are ready to launch prior to the set launch date.

Staff Data Supported by Clever

The Clever sync populates or updates fields in staff user accounts.

School Staff

Populate the following Naviance fields for Clever Teachers and Staff:

  • First name
  • Middle name (only Clever Teachers)
  • Last name
  • Job title
  • Email
  • Employee ID

Populate the following Naviance fields based on title keywords that you determine:

  • Job function
  • User role
  • Teacher list
  • Counselor list

User accounts are created at schools according to:

  • Clever Schools for Staff
  • Clever Sections for Teachers

District Staff

Populate the following Naviance fields for Clever District Admins:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job title
  • Email

Populate the following Naviance fields based on title keywords that you determine:

  • Job function
  • User role
  • Teacher list,
  • Counselor list

Zone restriction for a Naviance district user account is configurable in Clever to allow no access or full access.

Prepare Staff Data in Clever

  • Confirm the data in Naviance and Clever is aligned before starting the Clever staff integration process in Naviance.
  • Ensure school staff in Clever are assigned the Teacher or Staff user type.
  • Ensure all district staff in Clever are assigned the District Admins user type.
  • Identify staff not shared with Clever and create a user role in Naviance specifically for them.
  • Check Clever settings to confirm that teachers are shared by schools.
  • Check the staff data fields available to Naviance via Clever's API.
  • Verify that staff in Clever have assigned titles, so the Naviance user role and function is set correctly. Enter titles in Clever for staff without them assigned.
    Create title to role mapping by identifying the titles and associated keywords that correspond with each user role in Naviance.
  • Add any staff with the Teacher user type to Sections if they should have access to multiple schools in Naviance. Staff with the Staff user type must be added to sections manually if access at multiple schools is needed.

Match Naviance Schools to Clever Schools

Match the Naviance schools with Clever schools before starting the import process.

Match all schools upfront, even if your district will only use the service with a few schools. You can edit your school matches until you import your school's data. After you import data, you can no longer edit the matched schools.
  1. From the Naviance for Districts homepage, go to the gear icon, select Setup, then choose Data Import.
  2. Click Import Data via Clever.
  3. From the Set Up Clever page, review the matched schools. Schools with an active Clever subscription display unmatched at the beginning of the list. You can find a list of schools without a Clever subscription at the end of the list.

    Naviance attempts to match schools according to the NCES ID and school name.
  4. Click Select Match for an unmatched school. Click edit to reset a matched school.
  5. Choose the desired school, then click Save.

    Match schools according to the NCES ID field, as school names and addresses may be different.
  6. When finished matching all schools, click Save Updated Matches.

If schools in Naviance are not in Clever, log in to your Clever Dashboard to review your schools. Contact Clever to add more schools to your Clever subscription.

Prepare and Import Data

Prepare data and run a test staff Import to ensure that your test data import goes smoothly by confirming that:

  • School staff are matched from Clever to Naviance using Last Name and Email Address or Employee ID.
  • School staff in Naviance are using a school-issued email address. If a personal email address, verify that their employee IDs in Naviance match the format in Clever.
  • District staff are matched from Clever to Naviance using their last name and email address.
  • All school staff must exist in Clever as either Teachers or School Admins user types.
  • All district staff must exist in Clever and are assigned the District Admins user type.
  • Staff titles are defined in Clever to set the user's role in Naviance.
  • Staff who work at multiple schools are assigned to Sections or Schools in Clever, so Naviance accounts are created at the correct schools.

Run a Test Staff Import

Verify schools are matched correctly, so staff accounts are created at the correct schools.

If you completed a test import more than 48 hours from the time of import, you must rerun the test import.
  1. From the Naviance for Districts homepage, go to the gear icon, select Setup, then choose Data Import
  2. Click Import Staff Data from Match Schools on the Set Up Clever page.
  3. Assign new counselors and teachers a specific Naviance Function and Role by selecting options from the drop-down lists.
  4. Select if the user should be included in the Teacher List or Counselor List.

    The system uses Clever title keywords to assign Naviance user roles and job functions to newly imported staff only. No changes are made to the existing Naviance staff account unless made manually. Review the function/role, teacher list, and counselor list in Naviance.
  5. Click Add New for keywords and associate functions and roles, if necessary. Consider your staff member's titles as they currently exist in Clever.

  6. Set School and District account default settings for function, role, and list type, to be assigned to new staff accounts not included in the defined title keywords.
  7. Two Naviance user roles are available for newly imported staff. By default, these user roles have limited Naviance permissions. Edit the user role permissions as needed.
    • Other School Staff for school accounts
    • Other District Staff for district accounts
  8. For staff without a Clever account, use the Roles with staff in Naviance but not in the Clever section to select an associated role. District Site Manager is selected by default.

    Naviance recommends creating a district zone called No Schools Zone in Naviance to use as a default. This ensures that when creating new district staff on the Staff Import Settings, all district staff added will have restricted access, as opposed to the default of unrestricted.
  9. Click Save & Begin Test Import. The test import displays In Progress and can take a few hours to complete.
  10. Select Check Test Import Progress to confirm the test import is complete.

Review the results after the import is complete. Optionally, update the staff import settings or add schools to the import data, then redo the test import.

ResultExplanationPossible Scenarios
InactiveStaffs exist in Naviance, but does not exist in Clever (matched based on last name and email or employee ID)

Staff does not match based on email and last name, or employee ID.

Staff does not exist in Clever.

CreatedStaff exists in Clever but does not exist in NavianceStaff recently added to the school.
MatchedStaff exists in both Naviance and Clever (matched based on email and last name, or employee ID)Staff exists in the school matched in Naviance.

Import Staff Data

After completing a test import for staff, import the data.

If not setting up Clever SSO, an email will be automatically sent to staff when their account is created, so they can set up their Naviance ID.
  1. From the Naviance for Districts homepage, go to the gear icon, select Setup, then choose Data Import.
  2. From the Import Staff Data page in Set Up Clever, click Start Import.
  3. Click Yes, permanently import staff records in the warning modal.
  4. Click Start Import.
  5. Select Check Final Import Progress to confirm the import is complete. The import may take several hours to process.
  6. After the import is complete, review the results and import history.
Naviance automatically checks for changes and updates staff accounts within 4 to 6 hours from your district's SIS to Clever Sync.

Launch the Clever Integration

After you have completed the integration setup in Naviance, the Naviance icon is available to staff in the Clever portal, and you will be ready to launch.

When Naviance approved your Clever Integration request, they set your launch date for four weeks from that date, which is usually enough time to complete your setup.

If you complete your setup before this 4-week period, contact Naviance Support. If you are ready to launch, they will review your materials to make sure everything is ready. If you are not ready, the Support team can push back your launch date.

Clever Login Options

  1. In the Clever for District portal, click the Naviance icon.
  2. To log in to Naviance Succeed, choose your school from the list.
  • Clever iOS App
    • Log in to Clever on mobile devices (iOS) via the Clever Instant Login app. The app is available for free via the iTunes App Store.
    • The Clever iOS app requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you are using a device running iOS 11 or later, you must update to the newest version of the Clever app.
  • Currently, there is no Android app.
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