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Performance Matters Single Sign-On

Single sign-on authentication for administrative users, teachers, and students is supported for Performance Matters using an external identity provider, such as Google or Microsoft. 


  • The identity provider must be supported. The certified identity providers are Microsoft and Google. 
  • Support for the SAML standard.
  • User accounts must be provisioned for the identity provider.
  • The login ID for users must be the email address entered in the identity provider.

Set up Single Sign-On

This procedure is an overview of the steps involved in setting up single sign-on.  

  1. Contact PowerSchool to start setting up SSO. 
  2. Make sure your users have a login ID that is the same as the email address entered in the identity provider.
  3. PowerSchool will provide the ACS URL and Entity ID required to set up the application in the identity provider. 
  4. Set up Performance Matters as an application in your identity provider. In the sections that follow, general instructions are provided for the certified identity providers.   
  5. Download the metadata file or copy the metadata URL from the identity provider. 
  6. Provide the metadata file or URL to PowerSchool so they can configure and enable SSO.
  7. The PowerSchool team member will send you the URL for SSO. Distribute the URL to users so they can start using SSO.

Set up Performance Matters Within the Identity Provider

Add Performance Matters to Google

Follow the instructions to set up your own custom SAML application provided by Google.

Add Performance Matters to Microsoft Azure

Performance Matters is available in the gallery of applications for Microsoft Azure. Follow the Tutorial: Azure Active Directory integration with PowerSchool Performance Matters instructions provided by Microsoft.

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