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Asset Tracking

Asset Management

Asset Management allows you to search for existing assets, review course associations, and review asset inventory. You can check in and check out items to students using Inventory Mass Assign.

To access Asset Management, select School from the main menu, then select Asset Management. Use the search menu or the filters to find assets.

Review Course Association

You can review the courses associated with an asset by selecting Course Associations. This association will help drive asset suggestions for students when you are checking out items to them. 

Review Asset Inventory

To review inventory for a specific asset, select Inventory. This will direct you to Asset Inventory. You can also access Asset Inventory directly by selecting School from the main menu, then Asset Inventory. Use the search to review the total inventory for all assets within a specific category such as asset type or asset disposition. 

Select an Inventory Tag to review the Asset Inventory details as well as details about ownership history. Ownership History allows you to review who owned that specific item, the duration of time the owner had the item checked out, the condition upon check-in, and any other specific notes.

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