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The PowerSchool SIS Substitute portal provides easy-to-use tools to view the daily bulletin, take attendance, and submit lunch counts for each of your classes. The names of the teacher, school, and term for which you are substituting appear in the header. If not, contact the school's PowerSchool administrator. Click the header's PowerSchool logo from anywhere within the application to return to the start page.

View Daily Bulletin

Click View Daily Bulletin for school announcements, messages, and reminders. The bulletin defaults to today's date. To view information for a different day, click View Other Dates and select the date.

Take Attendance

There are two ways to take attendance for the current day. If you prefer a list where student names appear in an alphabetical list, you can use the Single Day attendance page by clicking the chair. If you prefer a visual representation of the class where student names and their pictures appear in alphabetical order, you can use the Seating Chart attendance page by clicking the chair and grid.

Submit Lunch Counts

Click Lunch Count (utensils) to submit lunch counts for a class.

Other 1 and Other 2 refers to additional meal types that may be used for special request meals, such as vegetarian. The school/district you are substituting for should let you know if they use these options.

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