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Teacher Comments

The Teacher Comments page displays any comment that a teacher has entered regarding a student, such as a student's achievement or behavior.

Note: Additional teacher comments may be found on the Grades and Attendance page and Grades History page.

View Teacher Comments

  1. On the start page, click Teacher Comments from the navigation menu. The Teacher Comments page appears.
  2. Use the following table to view teacher comments:



    Reporting Term

    By default, the student's schedule for the current term appears. Use the pop-up menu to select a different term.


    The expression indicates the period and day combination of the course.

    Course #

    The course number indicates the number used to identify the course.


    The name of the course.


    • The name of the teacher teaching the course.
    • Click to send an email to the teacher.
    • Click the Details icon next to the teacher’s name to view the details about the teacher. The Details About [Teacher] pop-up appears. To send e-mail to a teacher, click the name of the teacher. When done viewing, click the x to close the pop-up.

    Note: To use the email function, your web browser must be properly configured to automatically open an e-mail application, and the e-mail application must be properly configured to send messages.


    Comment entered by teacher.

    Note: If the column is blank, there are no teacher comments.

    Show dropped classes

    Click to view currently enrolled classes and dropped classes.

    Show only current classes

    Click to view only currently enrolled classes.

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