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Students and parents use the same web address to access the PowerSchool Student and Parent portals. Most schools provide students and parents with the web address at the same time that they provide username and password information. Frequently, a school will add a PowerSchool link on their web page. Each student using the student portal is provided a student username and password that he or she uses to access only his or her information. Each parent using the parent portal creates a single sign-on account and uses access IDs and access passwords to add students to the account. For parents to access a student’s information, your administrator must provide you with the access ID and access password for each of your students. Multiple parents can create individual parent accounts, each with a personal username and password, using the same student access ID or IDs and passwords.

Parent Access Management

Parent Access Management provides parents with the ability to have their own individual parent account, including user name and password. Your school’s PowerSchool administrator may create your account or may have you create your own account using the appropriate access credentials. Once your account is created, you can manage your account information, link any and all students to your account (for whom you have parental and legal rights to), and set email and notifications preferences for each student linked to your account. If you've forgotten your account sign in information, you can retrieve them by using auto-recovery.

Note: This functionality is only available if enabled by your school.

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