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HealthStudentHealth (ver19.11.0)

This table contains other student health data. IMPORTANT NOTE: This table should NOT be extended. It is processed in tandem with the HealthMisc table. Any extensions for this data should be made to the HealthMisc table so it is available on the pages.

Column Name

Initial Version

Data Type





Bus protocol notes.

EmergencyPlan19.11.0Varchar2(4000)Emergency plan.
HealthNotes19.11.0Varchar2(4000)Health notes.
History19.11.0Varchar2(4000)Student health history.
ID19.11.0Number(19,0)Unique sequential number generated by the application. Indexed. Required.
IndividualPlan19.11.0Varchar2(4000)Individual health plan.
MCC19.11.0Varchar2(1)Uses school based health clinic. Valid values: 0=No, 1=Yes. Required,
MCCFirstYear19.11.0Varchar2(5)First year.
StudentsDCID19.11.0Number(19,0)DCID of the student this medication is for. Indexed. Required
TechAssistance19.11.0Varchar2(4000)Technical assistance notes.
WhenCreated19.11.0Timestamp(6)The date and time the record was created. Defaults to system date. Required.
WhenModified19.11.0Timestamp(6)The date and time the record was modified. Defaults to system date. Required.
WhoCreated19.11.0Varchar2(100)The name of the person who created the record. Defaults to user. Required.
WhoModified19.11.0Varchar2(100)The name of the person who modified the record. Defaults to user. Required.
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