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PowerSchool Tables

The PowerSchool Data Dictionary is a useful and necessary tool in collecting and reporting PowerSchool data. The PowerSchool Data Dictionary includes the names and descriptions of the various tables in the PowerSchool database. Each table definition is comprised of rows and columns, where the row corresponds to the values in the table, while the column corresponds to the data elements in the table. Each data element has a set of information that explains more about that piece of information, including data type and description.

Note: All data types (including legacy) are now expressed using Oracle terminology.


This document provides a comprehensive list of all PowerSchool's database tables and the information contained therein.


This document is intended for a district or school's database administrators.


Tables within this document follow a standard convention. The database table name appears as the table title along with the legacy database table number (if applicable) and the software release version indicating when the table was created. Database data elements appear as rows within each table along with the software release version indicating when the data element was created. Column names that appear italicized are no longer used.

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