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GPProgressTest (ver10.0.0)

For reporting purposes, this table contains the derived value of a student's status for a graduation plan's test requirement from the values in the StudentTestScore table. Data assessed by selecting a group of students and then navigating to [Select Function] arrow > Graduation Progress Report Data Capture (or Special Functions > Group Functions > Graduation Progress Report Data Capture).

Column Name

Initial Version

Data Type


GPStudentTestWaiverID10.0.0Number(19,0)Internal number for the associated GPStudentTestWaiver record.  Indexed.
ID10.0.0Number(19,0) A unique sequential number generated by the PowerSchool. Required. Indexed.
IsAdvancedPlan10.0.0Number(1,0)Column holds Boolean data indicating if the plan version is advanced plan (value=1) or legacy/deprecated (value=0). Required. Defaults to 0.
Status10.0.0Number(5,0) Indicates the student's current status of the requirement for this test requirement. Valid values: 0=not taken, 1=waived, 2=failed, 3=passed. Defaults to 0.
StudentsDCID10.0.0Number(10,0) Internal number for the associated Students record. Required. Indexed.
GPTestconfigID10.0.0Number(19,0)Internal number for the associated GPTestConfig record. Required. Indexed.




The date and time the record was created. Defaults to system date. Required.




The user login that created the record. Defaults to database user. Required.

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