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FavoritePage (ver22.9.0)

Reserved for future use

This table contains the favorite pages for the users in PowerSchool.

Column NameInitial VersionData TypeDescription
FavoriteCategoryID22.9.0NUMBER(19,0)Foreign key to the FavoriteCategory table. Required. Indexed.
FavoritePageID22.9.0NUMBER(19,0)Unique ID. Indexed. Required.
PageCatalogID22.9.0NUMBER(19,0)Foreign key to the PageCatalog table. Required. Indexed.
PageTitle22.12.0VARCHAR2(256 CHAR)The title of the favorited page. Required.
SortOrder22.9.0NUMBER(4,0)The order by which the pages are displayed within a favorite category in the application
WhenCreated22.9.0TIMESTAMP(6)The date and time the record was created. Defaults to system date.
WhenModified22.9.0TIMESTAMP(6)The date and time the record was modified. Defaults to system date.
WhoCreated22.9.0VARCHAR2(100 CHAR)The name of the person who created the record. Defaults to user.
WhoModified22.9.0VARCHAR2(100 CHAR)The name of person who modified the record. Defaults to user.
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