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DQ$_TableName_ (ver10.0.0)

DQ$[TableName] are created when plugins include data version subscriptions. The \[TableName] is the parent table of this table. For example, if there is a data version subscription on the STUDENTS table, then there may be a table named DQ$STUDENTS. Occasionally, the table will also have a three-digit suffix, for example DQ$STUDENTS000. This is to prevent table name collisions when data version subscriptions are processed.

These tables are created immediately when data version subscriptions are processed. These tables are dropped from the database when there are no longer any active data version subscriptions. The tables are dropped during the PowerSchool startup.

Column NameInitial VersionData TypeDescription




Foreign key to the subscribed table. For example, if the subscription is against STUDENTS then this column will contain the STUDENTS.DCID. Required. Indexed.

 \[COLUMNAME]10.0.0Varchar2(30)Stores the data version number. This column's name matches the name declared in DCFApplication.DataVersionColumnName. There will be as many columns as data version subscription against the table.
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