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ConsecutiveDaysAlert (ver10.0.3)

This table stores student absence counts per school based on settings in the SchoolAlertConfig table and is used to generate a notification of students who have a consecutive absence count exceeding the threshold configured for their school. The notification appears on the Attendance pages accessible via Attendance under Functions in the main menu. Table contents is updated nightly subsequent to the attendance nightly job. Table contents can also be updated via the Special Operations page accessible via System > Special Operations > Recalculate Consecutive Absences from the Operation pop-up menu.

Column NameInitial VersionData TypeDescription
AbsenceCount10.0.3Number(3)From current system date, the number of in session days the student has been consecutively absent. Required.
School_Number10.0.3Number(10)Student's currently enrolled School_Number of the related Schools record. Indexed. Required.
StudentsDCID10.0.3Number(10)DCID of the related Students record. Indexed. Required.
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