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CareerTechAuditHistory (ver19.11.0)

This table contains Career Tech Change History information. When a Program Credential association is deleted, the corresponding cluster name, program name, and credential name are stored here for display in the Career Tech Change History transactions related to the lifetime of the deleted Program Credential.

Note: The Change history feature has been enhanced to handle maintaining information from fields that are deleted from the database such as Program Credentials. No further tables of this nature are expected in the future.

Column Name

Initial Version

Data TypeDescription


19.11.0Number(10,0)Unique identifier for this table. Indexed. Required.



Name of the Cluster. Required.


19.11.0Varchar2(100)Name of the Credential. Required.


19.11.0Number(10,0)Historical Foreign key to ProgramCredentials. When a record exists in this table, the corresponding ProgramCredential will have been deleted. Career Tech Change History will query based on this ID in order to get display values. Indexed. Required.


19.11.0VarChar2(100)Name of the Program. Required.

The name of the person who create the record. Defaults to user. Required.

WhenCreated19.11.0Timestamp(6)The date and time the record was created. Defaults to system date. Required.
WhoModified19.11.0Varchar2(100)The name of person who modified the record. Defaults to user. Required.
WhenModified19.11.0Timestamp(6)The date and time the record was modified. Defaults to system date. Required.
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