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Time Attendance

In PowerSchool, your school can track meeting attendance, interval attendance, daily attendance and time attendance. Students' meeting and interval attendance records indicate their absences and tardies in each class period during the school day. Interval attendance allows for multiple attendance records per period. Students' daily attendance records indicate their absences, tardies, and arrival and dismissal times for an entire school day.
Time attendance is a simple way of adding attendance value by entering total minutes or hours for a given day. It is often used to enter work experience hours off of a timecard from a student's vocational job or for entering independent study hours.

Use the Time Attendance function to view or change a student's time attendance record. Each column represents one week, with the days of the week (MTWTF). Attendance minutes are noted in the chart under each day.

Take Time Attendance

After you add a time attendance entry, you can modify the entry by clicking the minutes in the appropriate day column. Multiple-time attendance entries can be made for a single day by clicking the day abbreviation. Each time the day abbreviation is clicked a new entry is displayed to be filled out. Time entries cannot be deleted but they can be given a zero minute (or hour) amount that effectively voids them.

  1. Navigate to the Time Attendance page. A dash (-) indicates that school is not in session and/or the student is not enrolled on that date.
  2. Click the day abbreviation in a week where you want to enter or change attendance. 
  3. Choose the attendance code.
  4. Enter the total amount of attendance time for this record.
  5. Let the system know whether the time value entered is in minutes or hours. The system will convert the value to minutes when it is stored. Hours are not stored with the record.
  6. Specify whether these hours are associated with a program in which the student is enrolled.
  7. Enter comments as needed.

  8. Click Submit.

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