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Teacher Incident Referrals

Within Incident Management, teachers can now submit incident entries within the PowerSchool teacher portal. Teacher referrals include basic incident details. Once submitted, administrators can add further detail to the incident.

Teacher Referral Incident Type

  1. Navigate to the All Incidents page.

  2. Click Incident Types.

  3. Note the incident type of  Teacher Referral.

Enable Incident Creation in the PowerSchool Teacher Portal

  1. Navigate to the Additional System Preferences page.

  2. Select the Enable Incident Creation in the Teacher Portal checkbox to enable incident creation in the PowerSchool teacher portal.

  3. Click Submit

Set Group Permissions

  1. Navigate to the Security Groups page.

  2. To narrow the list of groups, enter one or more search terms in the Filter field. 

  3. Click a name in the Group Name column. 

  4. Select the Access Level.

  5. Select Discipline to make this log type accessible to users in this group.

  6. Select Teacher Referral to make this incident type accessible to users in this group.

  7. Select Incidents to provide access to the student Incident Management pages.

  8. Click Submit.

Submit Incident Entry

If an incident occurs that warrants disciplinary action, teachers can submit an incident entry detailing the incident. Once submitted, the incident entry appears on the school administrator's Incident Management dashboard.

  1. Sign in to the PowerSchool teacher portal.

  2. On the start page, click the Student Information (backpack) icon next to the class you want to work with. 

  3. Click the last name of the student you want to work with. 

  4. Choose Submit Incident Entry from Select screens

  5. Enter the Incident Date.

  6. Enter the Incident Time.

  7. Enter the Incident Title.

  8. Enter the Incident Detail.

  9. Click Submit.

Work with Teacher Referrals

  1. Navigate to the All Incidents page.

  2. Update the Date Range, if needed.

  3. Choose Incident Type from Incident Element

  4. Click the Teacher Referral tile to view all incident entries submitted by teachers.

  5. Select the incidents you want to work with.

  6. Click the Title to view the Incident Detail page.

  7. Download the incident information as a CSV file, XLSX, or PDF.

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