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Student Standards

View Single Student Standards

This page displays the student's progress towards meeting the specific standards assigned to each of their classes. This page displays information for classes currently in progress, completed classes, dropped classes, and previous standards grades records that are not associated to any specific class. For more information about standards, refer to Standards.

  1. Navigate to the Standards Results page.

  2. To view standards from a previous year, make a selection from the Year menu. 

  3. To view those standards that currently have no associated grade, select Show Standards with No Grades.

  4. Click Expand All to view all standards for the student.

  5. Click Collapse All to collapse all standards listings.

  6. Click on a grade under a reporting term. 

  7. For an Alpha grade scale, select a final grade for the standard. For a Numeric grade scale, enter a final grade.

  8. Select Exclude from Reports to exclude from standards reports.

  9. Click Submit

  10. Click on the Comment icon in any term column to view the comment entered for the standard. 

View Standard Grade Rollup

You can view details of the standard grade rollup from both the student Standards page and the standard Quick Lookup page. In cases where the same student is being assessed on the same standard (for example, Scientific Principles) in different classes at the same time (for example, Q1), the standards grades for each individual section are retained. In addition, they are averaged together to produce a rollup score. The high score is also stored. The rollup settings determine how the calculation is handled. For more information, see Standard Grade Rollup Settings.

  1. Navigate to the Standards Results page.

  2. Click on a grade under a reporting term. 

  3. Scroll down to view the Rollup Grade section. A message appears at the top of this section with details on how the standard rollup grade was calculated. The rollup includes the average grade, the highest grade, and the number of grades that were included to generate the average. The Grades Included in the Rollup section displays the section specific grades that were used to generate this rollup record. The Grades Excluded from the Rollup section displays those grades excluded from the rollup.

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