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Section Attendance Settings

Use the Section Attendance Settings page to create sections where attendance will be taken every period. These sections are sections created for the sole purpose of taking attendance in a section that meets more than once per day. For example, if a section of Biology 101 meets during Period 1 for lecture during each day of a two-day cycle and also meets during Period 3 for field study on alternating days, the expression for this section would be 1(A-B) 3(A). If you do not use this option, attendance taken during 3(A) will overwrite attendance taken during 1(A).

Define Section Attendance Settings

Perform the following procedure to create sections where attendance will be taken every period and either your school has committed a master schedule with sections or sections are created from the School Setup page.

  1. Navigate to the Section Attendance Settings page
  2. Mark sections where attendance is to be taken each meeting. This can also be done at the individual section.

  3. Click Submit

    To redisplay the Section Attendance Settings: Result page from the School Setup page, click Section Attendance Settings and then Section Attendance Settings: Result.

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