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School Parameters

School parameters include the school's departments, facilities, and rooms, which are used for scheduling purposes. Use the following procedures to view, add, edit, or delete parameters. However, it is suggested that you define these parameters in PowerScheduler instead so that they appear system-wide.

Additionally, you can edit the names of cycle days, which, when combined with periods, create schedule expressions that indicate when a section is taught.

Edit Days

Use this procedure to modify a schedule day's abbreviation, which appears in places such as the master schedule.

  1. Navigate to the Cycle Days page. 

  2. Click the name or abbreviation of the day name you want to edit. 

  3. Enter information in the fields.

  4. Click Submit

Add a Department

Create departments to sort information by department, such as on the master schedule.

  1. Navigate to the Departments page. 

  2. Click New

  3. Enter the department name.

  4. Click Submit

Add a Facility

Some courses require special equipment or facilities. For example, a chemistry course requires a lab, and a film course requires audio and video equipment. To associate courses that need special equipment, use facilities.

You can assign multiple facilities to courses and rooms.

  1. Navigate to the Facilities page. 

  2. Click New

  3. Enter the facility name.

  4. Click Submit

Add a Room

Define rooms to provide locations for courses to be taught. To determine if a room is scheduled during a particular time and day, sort the master schedule by room. For more information, refer to Master Schedule.

  1. Navigate to the Rooms page. 

  2. Click New

  3. Enter information in the fields provided.

  4. Click Submit



Room Number

Enter the room number.

Room Description

Enter a description of this room.


Click Associate to select the department for this room.

Click Department on the School Setup page to create or edit departments at your school.


Enter this room's building, if applicable.


Enter this room's house, if applicable.

Room Facilities

Click Associate to select this room's facilities, if applicable.

Facilities are any special characteristics of a room that courses require. For example, a room might have a kitchen, computer lab, stage, or wood shop. Most classrooms do not have a facility.

There is a limit of 50 characters that can be entered in this field.

Click Facilities on the School Setup page to create or edit facilities at your school.

Room Maximum

Enter a number to determine the maximum number of students that this room can accommodate. The capacity of the room limits the number of students that can enroll in a course.

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