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School Information

Using the School Info page, you can add a new school to your district, edit information about a school that has already been added to your district, and set the order in which the schools appear in school lists and menus. Once a school has been added, it cannot be deleted.

Add/Edit a School

  1. Navigate to the School Info page.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click New.

    • Click the school you want to edit.

  3. On the Edit School page in the School Information section, enter the school's name, abbreviation, address information, phone number (including area code), and fax number (including area code).

  4. Use the following table to enter additional School Information:

  5. In the School Administration Information section, enter the name, phone number (including area code), and email address of the Principal, Assistant/Vice Principal, Attendance Secretary, and Registrar.

  6. Use the following table to enter information in the School Fee Information section:

  7. Click Submit.



Is a Summer School

Select the checkbox to indicate that this is a summer school.

School Number

Enter the school's number. A maximum of nine digits can be used. Once you enter this number and submit the page, it cannot be altered.

States usually assign school numbers.

Alternate School Number

If you wish to use a number other than what is listed above to identify the school, enter the number here. Otherwise, leave blank.


Use only when Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) is enabled.

Exclude From State Reporting?

Select the checkbox to exclude this school from state reporting.


Enter the lowest and highest grade levels at the school. Only historical data in this range of grade levels is used for data such as cumulative GPAs, graduation, and credit. Students at the highest level are affected by the end-of-year process. For more information, see End-of-Year Process.

School Category

If school categories have been defined, use the pop-up menu to identify the type of school, such as High School (HS), Middle School (MS), or Elementary School (ES).

To define school categories, the School Category code set must be populated with the appropriate codes for your state or province.

From the start page, choose District, Code Sets.

Select School Category from the Code Set pop-up menu.

Click Add Code.

Enter information as needed.

Click Submit.

Repeat Step 3 through Step 5 for each code you want to add.

Historical Grade Levels

Enter the range of grade levels from which historical data is pulled, such as cumulative GPAs and graduation credit.

Default Next School

Enter the number of the school where students who graduate from this school will be sent. Otherwise, leave as 0 for none.

When Scheduling, Display Courses From

Use the pop-up menu to choose the school from which you want to view the course list when you create student schedules for next year:

Current school 

Next school: The system only displays courses from the next school for students whom you have indicated a next school.

Set Schools Sort Order

Using the Sort Order function, you can set the order in which schools appear on PowerSchool SIS's school lists and menus. The lower the sort order number, the higher the school appears. You can use 0 or negative numbers, such as -1, to precede other entries. If two items have the same sort order number, the first one created precedes the other.

  1. Navigate to the School Info page.

  2. Enter a number in the respective Sort Order fields.

  3. Click Submit.

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