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Pre-Registration Form


  1. PowerSchool SIS version 21.4.5 or higher and Enrollment Express version 21.9 or higher are required.
  2. Add the Pre-Registration Form template.
    1. If you have Ecollect Forms, create a pre-registration form.
    2. If you have Enrollment Express only, you can sync down the pre-registration form and create your own pre-registration form:
      1. Open a support case in the PowerSchool Community to add the pre-registration form to your templates.
      2. Sync down the pre-registration form.
      3. Create your pre-registration form.

        You are limited to creating only one pre-registration form at a time, apart from the synced down pre-registration form. Once created, the New Form button is no longer available. You must delete the current pre-registration form before you can add a new one.
  3. Enable public-facing forms within PowerSchool SIS.
    1. Select the District Office.
    2. From the Start Page, choose System Management, Security, then System Security Settings.
    3. Set Enable Public Facing Form to On.
  4. Update user roles to allow extended tables on the public portal.
    1. From the Start Page, choose System Management, Security, then User Roles.
    2. Select User Access.
    3. Select the Name of the user access role associated with the user who will be creating pre-registration forms. You can do this for multiple users.
    4. Select Allow Extended Tables on Public Portal.
    5. Click Submit.
  5. Ensure the staff user who will be creating the pre-registration form is assigned a role that allows extended tables on the public portal.
    1. From the Start Page, select People, Staff, then Search for Staff.
    2. Locate and select the user.
    3. Select Staff Profile, then Admin Access and Roles.
    4. Confirm the user is associated with a Default Group with a role that allows extended tables on the public portal.
  6. Verify the default group has access to student accounts.
    1. From the Start Page, choose System Management, Security, then Security Groups.
    2. Select the default Group Name.
    3. In the Accessible Student Screens section, verify Access Accounts is selected.

Create or Open a Pre-Registration Form

  1. From the Start Page, select System Management, Forms, then Manage Forms.
  2. Click New Form.
  3. From the New Blank Form tab, choose Pre-Registration.
  4. Click the form's Title to configure form properties.
    1. Set the School Preference:

      • Use the School Preference Element to determine which schools are available for selection.
      • Set Default School to automatically assign a school to the form and prohibit parents from selecting a specific school.
    2. Under Enrolled School, choose where pre-registered students are enrolled after approval:
      • Enroll in Approved School automatically enrolls the approved student in their selected school as pre-registered.
      • Use Enrollment School to enroll the student in your selected enrollment school. Choose this option if you want students to not be enrolled in their school until they complete their new student registration packet.
    3. If you want to set an email notification when a Pre-Registration form is submitted, select Notification and click the arrow.
      1. In District Notification, enter the Email Recipients separated by a comma.
      2. In School Specific Notifications, you have the option to send an email when a student is in Pending status for a specific school.
    4. If parents submit a Pre-Registration form, they will receive a confirmation email within five minutes of submission.

      1. The SIS Pre-Registration form has a new property called Parent/Guardian Email. The admin is required to select a valid email element on the form for this property. The email address that is entered into this element by the parent is used to send out Submission, Approval, and Rejection emails.

      2. The new property and email element are automatically added to the Pre-Registration forms that were published prior to this release. When no email element or multiple email elements exist on the Pre-Registration form, the admin must set the property manually within the form configuration for the submission confirmation emails to be sent.

      3. When the admin approves or rejects a submission, they are alerted when no email element is defined or when an invalid email is associated with the Parent/Guardian Email property.
        Since the Pre-Registration form is accessible to the public, the form owner is notified of potential suspicious form submissions when more than 100 responses are received within a 5-minute period. Admins will ensure that the Pre-Registration form owners have email IDs in the SIS database for the security alert to work as expected.

    5. Click the arrow for Response Permissions to set the user group access to form data on pre-registration forms:
      1. Click the Group Access header to expand the options.
      2. Choose a Group.
      3. Select the Access level for the selected group.
        1. Assign Edit/Approve access to the Administrator group, as well as all default groups assigned to users who need to load and approve pre-registration records.
      4. Use the plus ( + ) and minus ( - ) buttons on the Group Access header to add or delete groups.
      5. Click Close.
  5. Select a form element to review its properties. Some elements are unique to the form and cannot be removed.

    1. First Name is a text input field mapped to First_Name.
    2. Last Name is a text input field mapped to Last_Name.
    3. DOB is a text input field mapped to DOB. Date Validation is included; you can add validation to accept certain date ranges.
    4. Grade Level is a text input field mapped to Grade_Level.
    5. Guardian Email is used for sending the Enrollment email with AccessID and password. It is not mapped to any field.
    6. Entry Year allows parents to choose the Entry years into which their student will enroll.
      1. The entry years displayed are the years that you have configured at the district office. Only present and future years will be available.
      2. If the term that you are accepting enrollments for does not yet exist in PowerSchool SIS, it must be configured at the district office:

        1. From the Start Page, select District Management, Scheduling, then Years and Terms.
        2. The terms you choose to accept should match the years and terms you have configured for the schools in which you are allowing students to enroll.
        3. If you have 2022-2023 added to the form, then you must also have 2022-2023 configured for the schools that you have configured in school preference. If not, PowerSchool SIS will prevent creating the student.
    7. Entry Date is used to populate the entry date when creating a student. It has conditional date validation based on the selected Entry Year.

      Parents are prevented from adding dates outside of their Entry Year's first day and last day.
    8. The School Preference element will display if it is enabled at the form properties level.
      1. Define the schools in which parents can choose to enroll their students.
      2. Min Selections is the number of selections required.
      3. Max Selections is the total number of selections possible.
    9. Click Save Form.
      1. Saving the form will take up to a minute; the pre-registration form creates an extended schema where it will store the responses. The format of the new table will be as follows:

        • U_P_%_FORMS
        • U_P_12345_FORMS where 12345 is the Form ID.
      2. After the form is saved, a Public Link is automatically generated and accessible through your forms list page.

Approval cannot be disabled while using the SIS Pre-Registration form. All students must be approved or rejected.
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