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PowerSchool SIS Admin Mobile Web Pages Home Page

When you sign in to PowerSchool mobile web pages, the Home page appears. This page serves as the central point from which you begin your PowerSchool mobile web pages session. The PowerSchool mobile web pages Home page consists of the following main areas:

  • Navigation bar
  • ID bar
  • Schedule
  • Menu

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar appears at the top of the PowerSchool mobile web pages Home page and is common to every page in the application. The navigation bar includes the following information:




Click to return to the Home page.


The page name you are currently viewing appears.

Sign Out

Click to sign out of PowerSchool mobile web pages.

ID Bar

The ID bar appears just below the navigation bar and displays your name. In an effort to ensure that your account is secure and your information protected, the date of the last time you signed in to appears next to your name. This information can be used to alert you to any unusual account activity. If you experience any unusual account activity, report it to your school.


The name of your default school (or district) appears. If you have access to more than one school, you can click the link to access the Change Schools page where you can select another school. Not everyone has permission to switch schools. Switching schools cancels any selection of students made in the previous school. Before beginning any PowerSchool procedure, be sure the school (or district) in which you want to work appears.

Change Schools

  1. Click School
  2. Choose the appropriate school name or choose District Office from the School menu.
  3. If the page does not refresh automatically, click Submit.


The name of the current day's schedule appears. Click to view the Bell Schedule page, which provides detailed information, including the periods, start times, stop times, and duration of each period.


The main menu includes links to the following functions:




Browse for students.


Search for teachers.


View attendance.


Search for students by activity.


View students' birthdays.

Daily Bulletin

Read your school's daily bulletin.

Exit to Main PS

Return to PowerSchool in "normal" mode.

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