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PowerScheduler Get Started


Refer to several checklists to help you as you prepare to build and load the master schedule. Access the checklists from either PowerSchool or PowerSchool Help:

  • Scheduling Checklist: This checklist guides you through each process when building a master schedule. It is especially helpful when multiple people are building the master schedule, since you can set the status of each step from "No Status" to "In Progress" to "Complete." Enter comments for each step or for the overall process to share information. This checklist displays items for both building a master schedule and loading students' schedules, or just for loading students' schedules. The appropriate checklist appears depending on whether the current scenario is "build and load" or "load only." To access this checklist, choose Checklist under the Tools heading from the PowerScheduler main menu.
  • Master Schedule Checklist: Use this checklist to ensure that the master schedule is ready to optimize, load, or print. Refer to Master Schedule Checklist.
  • Checklist to Know Your Student Schedules are Complete: Use this checklist to determine that the entire process of building the master schedule is complete. Refer to Checklist to Know Your Student Schedules are Complete.

Select Students for Scheduling

Before you can do any type of schedule-related work on a student's record or on a group's records, select the individual or group. By performing a search, you make such a selection.

When you select a student, his or her name appears in the main menu. Either click the student's name to work with that student or go to the PowerScheduler menu to perform functions for that student.

If you select a group of students, the selected students' names appear in the students menu. Then, go to the PowerScheduler menu to perform functions for the group of students.

  1. Navigate to the PowerScheduler page. 
  2. Under Resources, choose Students
  3. Note the following information in the left navigation menu:



    Search Students

    Using the pop-up menu, you can choose the student page you want to work with:

    • Constraints
    • Demographics
    • Grad Planner
    • Grad Progress
    • Matrix
    • Preference
    • Requests
    • Schedule

    These options also appear as tabs on the student pages.


    Click Functions. The Student Scheduling Functions page appears for the selected students.

  4. Select the student you want to work with using any of the following methods:

    For more information, refer to 2021-10-20_17-39-13_Student Search.

  5. If only one student's name appears or if you want to select all of the students, continue to Step 5. If you want to select one or more but not all of the students, click Select Students By Hand. Press and hold COMMAND (Mac) or CONTROL (Windows) as you click each of the students' names. If the students are listed consecutively, click the first name on the list. Press SHIFT as you click the last name on the list. This selects the first and last names you click and every name in between.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • Click Functions. The Student Scheduling Functions page appears for the selected students.
    • Click Select these students. The students' names appear in the students menu.

Student Scheduling Functions Page

Use the Student Scheduling Functions page to execute processes for the selected group of students. 

Scheduling Functions Page

Use the Scheduling Functions page to run processes related to the master schedule.

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